Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daddy O up in the Hizzou

After work last night I picked up my Dad for his first sleepover at our house. A couple of weeks ago we 'finally' had the new carpet installed downstairs. After years of having two beds in our room (since carter would not sleep in his own room) we moved the bed back down to the former 'guest-room'.

My father lives alone and has been doing pretty good since my mother passed away in August. He goes to the bingo twice a week (by himself) and seems to keep busy with his housework. He turned 83 years old in August so he's slowed down a bit over the last 5 years. But he's in good health and always in a good mood.

We stopped at our favorite Italian Eatery (Pinos II); don't know where there is a Pino's I but sure it exists somewhere around here. We came back to the house, ate and later on watched 'MAD MONEY'. Sue picked this one out and turned out to be a pretty good movie. The movie stars diane keaton, queen latifah, and katie holmes. 3woman get jobs at the federal reserve. One is a janitor, one transports the 'old' money, and the other shreds the money. Since no one checks the trashbins (after the shredding) they get the crazy idea to not shred the money and dispose of it in the trash bins. Diane Keaton's character empties the trash bins and then they end up transporting the money out the door each day.

Ted Danson is also in the movie (as Diane Keaton's husband) and is looking as old as ever. The ending is a bit hokey but alot of comical relief. Katie Holmes plays a ditsy girl who listens to dance music and bobs her head alot... she looks kind of frumpy in most of the scenes and a bit weather beaten (or maybe it's just the stress of being Ms. Tom Cruise).

The other night I was watching FAMILY GUY and one sketch was where the power went out. They showed the gate of the Crusies home and then Tom and Katie sitting on a couch. Katie is wearing an ankle bracelet and when the power goes off the bracelet falls off and I think she jumps through the window and escapes.... I nearly fell off of the couch laughing so hard...

Carter and I drove my father back home this morning. I may actually go to the bingo with my dad in the near future. A couple of weeks ago he won $75.00 one night and then $35.00 a couple of nights later... not too bad and probably more than I'd win in Atlantic City.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

End of Summer Recap

Here's a recap of some of the things Carter did this summer!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Are you ready for some Football?

Today is the start of the season for the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!

What could be a better way to get into the game than with some Picante Salsa, Tortilla Chips and an ice cold Rolling Rock ...

At the start of the fourth quarter the score is Eagles - 31 vs. Rams - big 0. McNabb is in top form with 350 yards in the first 3 quarters.

I'm just glad I do not have Tom Brady in my fantasy league (I think he got injured in the 1st quarter). Last year I had Tom Brady and he helped me into the last week of playoffs (in which I sadly lost). This year I decided to go with McNabb (at that point everyone else was taken). I know it's only the first game of the season but McNabb already looks better than last year.

Good luck Hoochies! Carson Palmer has done you wrong.

Next game we will see the Eagles kick the Cowboys arses (monday night game)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Electric Woodside Boogaloo 2

Got back Thursday night after almost a week at TIMMAY's WOODSIDE. Tim was gracious enough to be host the Monkey.

It was a nice relaxing vacation that I surely needed after the passing of my mother (on August 14th). I had planned on going down to NC earlier but postponed til' the last day of August.

Tim and I didn't do too much of anything but drink, eat and watch movies; which was ok with me since I took off the week just to relax.

The second day there we went and saw DARK KNIGHT. I highly recommend seeing this (if you haven't already)! You will leave the theatre thinking you've been on some crazy ride. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time but a little too long. I thought it should have been about a 1/2 an hour shorter. It was one of those movies where you keep thinking it's going to end (as you keep putting off going to the bathroom). Heath Ledger was incredible as the JOKER and sad that he's not around to reprise his role. The stunts were some of the best I've seen. This movie was simply incredible. There aren't many movies I'd go see a second time but this one I'd see 5 times (well, maybe 3)..

A couple of days later we saw TROPIC THUNDER. This one wasn't as good as DARK KNIGHT but also a different genre; different type of movie. I wasn't at all offended by the mention (and visualization) of 'mentally disabled' people. Maybe that's because I consider myself mentally diasabled and feel any publicity is good publicity.

We also ate out a couple of times. We went to a joint called STICKY FINGERS where you can get about 10 different bar-b-que sauces to top off your ribs, pulled pork or chicken. Also went to a place in Charlotte (can't remember the name) but had a pretty good burger. The fries sucked. The other eatery we went to is one I was told not to disclose to anyone. Tim even made me sign a paper stating I was not even to mention it. But I have to say the 'salsa' was most excellent!

The other thing we did was watch alot of TV.. which is always fine with me. Here are some of things we watched: THE RUTGERS/FRESNO STATE game, some episodes of MAD MEN, WEEDS, CALIFORNICATION, movies: CATCH AND RELEASE, 4 WEDDINGS and A FUNERAL, SMART PEOPLE, AIRPLANE!, SOME CAME RUNNING, HIGH ANXIETY, LOST AND FOUND, MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS, OFFICE SPACE (I can watch this anytime)...

S0, after not having flown since my Honeymoon (in 1996) this was my second flight since April (when I went to Orlando). Flying for me is torture and the flight back on an airbus (2 long rows (2 seats on each side of the aisle) was the worst... simply because I could feel every time the plane slowed down, sped up and turned. It lived up to it's name in that I felt like I was flying through the air on a school bus.

Thank you Tim! Thanks for being a great host and a great friend!

PS: The photo at the top was a dance off Tim and I witnessed in downtown Charlotte. It got pretty dancey.