Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monkey Golf

Last year I decided to sell my playstation 2 and buy a PSP. I am a video game nut but don't really have much time to play like I used to. So I got my PSP, played it for a while and then started to long for the days of my video game console. In October my wife had back surgery and she got the idea that we should buy a Wii to help with her recovery. I was all for this since I would be getting my video game console back (if you aren't a video addict.. you wouldn't understand; stop reading now).

Timmay and I do partake in DOOM3 in the winter months when there isn't much to do outside (house stuff). So if we know you and you want to join us in a game of DOOM some Saturday or Sunday morning let us know. You have to own the DOOM3 PC program - it's a mere bag of shells ($19.99) at most stores.

So back to golf: last week I got the Tiger Woods game for the Wii (it's the 07 version; I don't like spending $50.00 on a sports game). And yesterday I bought the (NERF) sports attachments. Ok, this is majorly geeky (I really am not!) but it does help with the realism of the game. The wii works with a wireless remote and the game works with most of your movements. So the golf club was essential in the overall feel of the game (I don't do real golf). So here's a little video of yours truly having a go at golf. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Real McLovin!

I was listening to talk radio today and they were talking about these 'super delagates'. A 21 year old super delagate by the name of Jason Rae was interviewed. Once he started to talk I almost spit out my drink. All I could think of was 'mclovin' from SuperBad.

Forward the video to 1:20 and you will see what I mean. He doesn't look too much like mclovin' but close your eyes and listen to him talk. We have an honest to goodness real mclovin' in our midst! Watch out!