Sunday, January 27, 2008

Furniture Hunt pt.2

So last Friday Sue went to Ashley Furniture (did I mention it's our favorite furniture store) and picked up our 'tv stand'. 71" of solid wood, cabinets on each end that hold about 50 dvds (each side), two glass cabinets in the front and two drawers above.

When I got home from work on Friday I started to move everything off of our old entertainment center. But when I went to move the tv (which is the old bulky kind) I must of turned (while holding the tv) and a muscle in my back just twisted along with it. I had to lay on the floor for a while to shake off the pain. There was still the problem of the new tv stand which waiting in the van to be carried into the house and up a flight of stairs into the living room.

I took some Aleve and sucked it up. Some things you can imagine as not being too heavy.. that is, until you go to lift them.. and then wonder; how the hell can this be that heavy? But the main reason for replacing our old (style) entertainment center was that it was cheap particle board. We wanted something solid and something we will have for many, many years. So the new one is pretty solid and pretty heavy.

In the end we did get it out of the van, into the house and up the stairs. Now we are thinking of getting a new tv but there really is no reason at this point since our 27" (that used to be big) GE TV is in great working order and actually doesn't look too bad on the new tv stand.

Here's a photo of the old entertainment center. I obviously dismantled the thing and it's next home is the dumpster.

.. and walla.. here is the new tv stand! One fine piece of furniture.. I recommend going to Ashley furniture if you are in need of some furniture. They are usually located within a store called Country Junction (also a great place to buy stuff).

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I have to start this off by giving credit to someone who inspired me to write this blog. One of my favorite comedians is Jim Gaffigan. Jim is always talking about bacon (must drive the wife crazy). I do agree with Jim on all aspects of his bacon theories and would now like to add some of my own.

The greatest invention known to mankind is not the wheel (sorry, wheel lovers). So, if it's not the wheel (you are asking) what is it? How can you not know... it BACON!!!

Bacon is the most versatile food product in our solar system. It's grown on farms and distributed to every grocery store imaginable. Just think about it, bacon can be eaten by itself as a snack, a breakfast food, a late night snack, or try a bowl of bacon while watching your favorite movie. Let's face it, bacon is damn good! Whoever invented bacon needs a statue (possibly made out of bacon) dedicated to them.

Add Bacon to anything and it tastes 99.9% better (don't quote me on this; might be 100%). Just the other day I dropped a piece of bacon on a sock. Without thinking I picked up the sock and started eating it.. and to my amazement I didn't even realize I was eating a sock til' a couple minutes later when I looked down. It was the bacon that sent good tasty thoughts to my brain.. it could not make out the sock for the bacon.. boggles the mind, doesn't it?

Plan and simple: Bacon dropped on anything or wrapped around anything can almost guarantee a great tasty snack. Wrap bacon around your favorite meat (ham, bologna, sausage, liverwurst) and you are in for a delicious explosion of meaty flavors. Take for instance the often hated eggplant.. just fry up some eggplant and once you put some bacon on the top of it and chomp down you won't even realize you are eating eggplant. This is the power of bacon.. behold it's wonder!

I will now start off with my favorite bacon products: 1) bacon by itself (didn't have to think about this one) 2) bacon, lettuce, tomato with Miracle Whip (can be found on any diner menu or easy enough to make yourself) , 3) pizza with bacon (sometimes the pizza place will give you a 'free' piece while waiting; just ask), 4) kevin bacon (ok.. that's embarrassing.. why did I say that), 5) Slim Jims (for that bacony flavor), and 6) bacon wrapped around filet mignon (maybe that one should come before Kevin Bacon.. I'll have to think about it).

Now here are bacon products in which I'd love to see come to light.. listen up big corporations! This is what we want! 1) Bacon Beer (you can have your bacon and drink it too!), 2) Bacon Ice Cream (with real bacon bits), 3) Bacon coffee (breakfast in your coffee; how convenient), 4) Bacon cigars (smoke your bacon.. literally), 5) Bacon toilet paper (ok.. that one might hurt), 6) Bacon smell spray for your car (everyday could be bacon day), Bacon licorice (yummy), 7) Kevin Bacon (now wait.. he already exists.. sorry), 8) Bacon Chap stick (protect your lips against those who hate bacon.. or Kevin Bacon), and last but not least ... 9) Bacon outlet centers (where you can get all your bacon products in one place).

So with that I am off to eat some bacon... as I suggest you go and do.. get to it!!!

*update: see photo - I did actually find a bacon flavored beer*

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Here's a new video from my friend, Pat DiNizio!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Years 2008 at the Woodside!

This year the monkey spent New Years (as I have many times in the past) with Timmay at the Woodside in NC. It was just the two of us but we had a great time. Here's a video compilation of the night's festivities.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Furniture Hunt

Just got back from furniture shopping at one of our favorite places, ASHELY FURNITURE. We first traveled to Quakertown, PA and found a wonderful armless chair. At first we were looking for an over sized chair but then decided that the armless was the best fit (for our limited space).

We were also in search of a new entertainment center or what we call a glorified 'tv stand'. Meaning it's just one long stand with cabinets and drawers. Sue found one online that we both liked. The Quakertown store did not have the tv stand but the store in Wind Gap (about 20 minutes from our house). This was in the other direction of where we were so we brought the chair home.. refreshed.. and headed back out to Wind Gap.

Once we got there we went on a furious hunt for the infamous 'tv stand'. After finding a sales person we were lead down a path of glorious couches and into a living area set up with the 'infamous tv stand'. The floor model was pretty banged up so we had to order one. It will arrive this Friday! What is great is that if you can take the furniture home yourself they give you a 10% discount. Since we got a Grand Caravan a couple of months ago it's paid off pretty well in that we don't have to pay to have things delivered.. and a discount on top is even better.

Sue was disappointed that we could not bring it home today but it will be worth the wait. We saw a couple of other tv stands that would have suited our living area but we didn't want to settle on something we'd want to replace in a couple of years.

And now here I sit typing and drinking one of my favorite wines "SMOKING LOON"
I basically bought my first bottle of the Merlot maybe 5 years ago simply because of the name (and the price). It used to cost 7.99 a bottle but I think after people found out how great tasting a wine it was at such a low price it now costs 10.99 a bottle. Still not too bad. Tonight it's Cabernet Sauvignon! Now I'm not a wine expert like Timmay but I know when I like something and this wine (Merlot or C.Sauvignon) is very tasty. Either one of these goes quite well with Roast Pork Lo Mein and some egg-drop soup.

I don't pay attention to what you can or can't eat with a certain wine. Although, I would recommend a good Merlot with some Nacho flavored Doritos.. just don't over-indulge yourself.

I will be adding an exclusive New Years Eve video soon recorded live at Timmay's Woodside! So stay tuned...